Any amount goes a long way to help individuals and families in poverty.


A helping hand to those in need.

As a leading nonprofit organization, our core work revolves around providing a helping hand to those in need. While our primary focus is on clothing and food distributions, our year-round programs aim to engage, educate, and empower both those in need and those who have the desire to make a difference.


Our Team

Eslene Richmond-Shockley

President/CEO/Founder, Caring For Others, Inc.

In 2001, with $25 and a calling from above, I began a journey of hope called Caring For Others. Little did I know what was in store. The owner of a warehouse agreed to rent a portion of his building for three months for $1. The space had no heat, no toilet, no running water.
We have grown swiftly and have since purchased the building, expanded globally, and increased our giving by more than a hundredfold! Today the journey is far from over. Caring For Others continues to offer hope to the least of these and, most importantly, give a voice to the faces of poverty. This includes those who have been marginalized and remain invisible to society.

Executive Committee

Board of Directors

Eslene Richmond-Shockley
Founder, President & CEO
Caring For Others, Inc.

Crystal D. Khalil
Co-CEO Sister Diamonds LLC
& Volition Enterprises, Inc.

Aidoo Osei
Vice President Global Product
and Innovation,
Global Payments Inc.

Ashley Robertson
Recording Secretary
Account Manager, PakSouth

Meagan Howell
Vice President & General
Manager Automotive
Business Development

Marlon D. Cousin
Managing Partner

La’Kerri Jackson
Director, Social Impact
The UPS Foundation

Keith Landers
Independent Consultant

Annual Reports

With the dedication of volunteers and financial support of key partners, Caring For Others has been able to quickly organize the distribution of water, clothing, shoes, household goods, and other much-needed items. The results are a testament to what is possible when we work together.

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Thankfully, we have supporters and donors like you who have the kindest hearts to join forces with us in the fight to end poverty. We greatly appreciate your generosity and courage to unapologetically care for others in need.