Caring For Others Visits Antigua

In April, CFO President & CEO Eslene Richmond-Shockley and CFO Board Vice Chair Crystal Khalil spent several days on the island of Antigua distributing to local families and those from nearby Barbuda who had been displaced by the fall 2017 hurricanes. Caring For Others is grateful to His Excellency Governor-General Rodney Williams and all of the Caring For Others Antigua volunteers. While hundreds of families were helped that week, the need was great.  

Mrs. Shockley recounted this story from her trip to Antigua:

When we arrived at this tiny house, there were three girls there. The oldest was a beautiful teenager who was minding her little sisters. The middle girl was 10, and the baby girl was 7. The youngest girl was crying because it was her sister’s turn to wear the clothes. You see, they took turns wearing one outfit. The baby girl only had her panties on. We asked her what did she want, and she asked for a pink dress. 

On this trip, we were reminded that poverty is real. It is our mission to do something about it.


Caring For Others

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